About the Bistro

Simplicity, unique produce, seasonal vegetables...

“As a young, but already ambitious chef, I was given the ultimate chance to work with one of the greatest chefs in the world, Paul Bocuse. I knew I was hired, but during the introduction, I was told that I'd start in the brasserie and would have to prove myself there. I saw it even then: "This is a unique concept"; simplicity, unique produce, seasonal vegetables, thickly-cut chips. Nothing but pure flavours! After three months, I was allowed to join Paul Bocuse in the kitchen of his restaurant in Collognes-au-Mont-d’Or.

In 2012, the premises next to Tout à Fait became available. As they say: once in a lifetime. I was ready to go for it and thought: what Paul Bocuse can do in Lyon, I can and want to do in Maastricht.

The interaction between the businesses, the option of pooling products. But also the beautiful products we don't use at Tout à Fait, like the legs. We prepare a confit of those for Boeuf la Roche. And let's not forget; the famous bisque made from lobster shells.

To introduce guests of Boeuf la Roche to Tout à Fait, we serve the 5-course “Star Menu” in the bistro for 45 Euros every last Thursday of the month.

Apart from the a la carte menu, we have a 'Menu de saison'. This allows us to work with the seasons and use the freshest produce in our menu.

Bart Ausems”